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I am a targeted individual. 今年1月からヘリコプターに追われています。イギリス発の世界一周中です。

PC(personal computer)remote control affair and Gang stalking in Japan

PC(personal computer) remote control affair and Gang stalking in Japan


I have been moving the whole country concerning work for many years.


There are strange thing in that period. A guard comes out before me when I go to a station and the shopping mall.


They appear at frequency and I do not think that it is accidental. Because I worked commonly and only moved, I did not know why a guard came out before me.


When fugitive Takahashi was caught in June of the last year, I moved to Nagoya from Shinonoi of Nagano. Because the work of the next day was Nagoya, I was going to get off there, but decided to return to Kyoto of the parents' house because I forgot the power supply cord of the PC. I saw that there was a police officer towards the left of the platform when I got on the Shinkansen at Nagoya Station. I entered the restroom on the Shinkansen, when Icame out of the rest room, the police officer whom I saw some time ago stood there .

He moved to a different vehicle as soon as I watched me.


I did not know why he chased me. I went to Kyoto and came back to Nagoya Station again and talked about what happening in that day to a station employee. He seemed to confirm circumstances.


I went to Nagoya Station and, one week later, heard an answer. The police officer’s word was  "there was not the intention".


I protested it whether JR added a surveillance camera to many places, and intended to spy on it.

It continues that a guard often appears in the place where I go .


By the way,

I got to know the person who was a bulletin board of the Nikkei Average of Yahoo around four years ago. Her name is sentakki.


She seemed to invade my PC when I exchanged it for several months.

She pointed out what kind of homepage I looked at.


I thought that I was troubled when she did something like that, but I kept in intact because there was no harm


Furthermore, she did a mysterious thing when I exchanged it for half a year.

I move the whole country by work as mentioned above. I stayed hotel every day.

She pointed out the thing which I ate in the morning when I watched a bulletin board in a hotel at night.


I thought whether she looked at me from somewhere.

Then she have begun to point out what happening to me on that day.


For example, what I did in the hotel room or what I ate at a restaurant or I quarrelled with a station employee at a station or with other visitors in the Shinkansen


 or I handed over a seat to other visitors in the local line  or I followed young woman when I got off the train at a Kuwana station or the car which a woman drive crossed in front of me


on the way to the hotel from Mikawa-anjou station. Or I watched chest of woman at may work place.


Furthermore, she seemed to know the thing in my house. She pointed out that the dish which I cooked was unappetizing (I made it with oneself by a single life)


It was strange why she understood such a thing.

I felt that she probably invaded the security camera.

I did not hear why you can such a thing, and what you were doing.

If I know what kind of thing she do, I may be in an embarrassing situation.


I cannot continue talking at bulletin board, if she do illegal thing.

There are no problem about her invading my PC, because I take no object.


I thought like that, and I heard nothing and continued the exchanges with her afterward. I did not know who she is and where she is, because we talked only on the bulletin board.


Because there were earthquake disasters soon, and the stock prices fell, the talking with her disappeared gradually.


I worked in Tokyo from January of this year.

A police officer standed in the wicket when I moved in JR. He seemed to watch me.

I did not know why it was at all.


While I traveled Tokyo on a train and foot, a helicopter came to fly on my head.

There was helicopter on the way to the workplace and right above workplace.

Helicopter also hovered above my apartment .

Mr.Katayama was caught as a PC remote control criminal on February 10.


To be frank, a criminal was caught, and I was relieved. This is because I thinks that the person exchanging bulletin boards was able to remote-control it from my PC because she invade my PC.


Because I believed her, as for me, I was relieved a criminal to be caught.

A funny thing came to happen around me frequently from that time.

When I appear in the town, a helicopter comes over. It is every day.

Police officer questioned me in the neighborhood of the workplace.


News to be associated with me spread when I watched TV.

Someday I told that I was going to Disneyland with my family, next day the family who received a subsidy while letting a newborn baby die went out for a trip almost every month and went out in Disneyland.


The person close to the workplace was arrested. He seemed to be a cousin of Shinjiro Koizumi

Article of Sachiko Egami who interviewed with a lawyer of Katayama on February 19


I was surprised to read this.

He went to mountain, he had a figure, he went to Enoshima island, he take a picture of a cat

An SD card of the evidence exited from the collar of the cat.

Anyone thinks that he is a criminal.


However, I thought she could do it.

She invaded my PC and knew all my schedules.

If she invade the PC of other people and grasped the schedule of the person, she could made the person to be a criminal

Or she might invaded the security camera and ran after movement of Katayama

She might attach a collar containing evidence to the cat because she knew where he go.


However, why did she chase Katayama?

While I thought for a while, I reached certain conclusion.


She did not invade the security camera!

She invaded the surveillance system of State Organs!


She knew that the police watched Mr.Katayama.

She tricked police. She prepared evidence to the thing which Katayama was associated with , in the place where Katayama went


She knew that Katayama went to mountain, he had a figure , he went to Enosima island , he touched a cat.

Therefore she attached a collar to the cat which Katayama touched.


But we see it to entrap Katayama externally.

I do not know why she did something like that.


(probably she would know the trick of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau. She showed that The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau created false accusations in this way.


Seeing from a situation of Katayama, it seemed to be hard, but Katayama was targeted for monitoring. Why police finded out katayama had figure .Probably the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau would do the house invasion.


Whether he lives a life without knowing that he treated like that, or whether he just fights.

This hacker is questioning now.

She does it actually to save Katayama. Some compensation is necessary to gain freedom;).


A strange thing continues around me.

The helicopter of the police flies every day, and police vehicle appears in the place where I go every day.

I receive a police questioning. The helicopter of the Self-Defense Forces flew, too.


I did nothing. Did she do anything?

Because she knew my schedule, she might send the notice which woke up some case at my destination to the authorities?


Therefore police doubted me?

I felt that I was rolled up in a terrible thing.

Probably she will be a hacker. It is the super best, too.

At this point, I did not yet understand the association between katayama case and taking place around me.


But she lets the police arrest Katayama, and I am driven to the police every day for some reason.

I understood only that I was in a terrible situation.


Why she would drive me like that?

I became terrible and did not open a PC from this time.


Because the mile that I saved for many years expired on February 28, I placed an order for the ticket of the international airline.

Katayama was rearrested in violation of hijacking prevention law on March 1.


I do not know reason why it happens in the circumference to be associated with the action that I took.


I think Katayama is innocent.

A helicopter comes on an apartment from the morning of March 2 and annoys me.


I made up my mind and visited the law office of Katayama and talked about conventional process.


There is the person who got to know on a bulletin board of the Internet. The person invaded my PC.

She knew everything about me.

I thought that she might invad the security camera, but when I knew the case of Katayama, I realized that she invaded some kind of national monitoring systems.


I think that Katayama is innocent.

I am chased on the helicopter of the police and am watched for 24 hours, and I have a terrible experience now, too.


I may be related what she does. What should I do?

Will you go to talk to the police together?

The lawyer heard my story. He was half in doubt.

He asked me whether there was the evidence, and I was troubled suddenly.


There is no evidence with the person who exchanged the Internet. I do not do the exchanges of the bulletin board recently either, and there are not the exchanges of the email, too. There is no thing indicating the existence of the person.


I am chased to the police, but there is not the evidence because I did not take it to a video particularly.


The lawyer heard the extraordinary story of the sudden visitor eagerly, but there is nothing without evidence. The lawyer said that police will not hear my words even if I went to the police.

It ended in only reporting on that day.


I was depressed at this time, and I could’t work. Because I worked as temporary staff, there is none of the people whom I can talk with if I stop it.


The situation turned into nothing in consultation with a lawyer several times. The helicopter of the police comes over on a head every day when I go out. The person of the circumference does not keep it in mind particularly either, but it shows to me that I am watched.


It is psychological pressure.

 (I learned later, it is called anchoring. it remind me that I am watched. that purpose is psychological pressure,

They threaten me and isolate me from all around, and plan social erasure)




I can’t work. I can’t use my PC. PC is terrible.

I do not know why police chase me.

I stayed at apartment of Tokyo all day during March.

I thought that police find out that I do nothing if time passes, but the helicopter of the police comes over every day on my apartment.


I went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department alone on April 2.

I was going to tell them about the person who had possibilities to be concerned with a crime.

Policeman at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department said that we did not listen to a story here.


I was told to go to the nearest police station. I was introduced Wangan police station.

I said same story that I said at law office in a Wangan police station.


Why does a helicopter fly above myself every day?

However, the police do not listen to me at all. Police say that we do not do such a thing.

I said that the person who got to know on the Internet might do something.


She invaded my computer.

This person might do the PC remote control case.

She might invade any nationwide monitoring system?

The police changed their countenance for this story and heard it.


What kind of person was she? When did you got to know each other? Whom did you tell this story?

How is my family structure?

Though police do not listen to me about helicopter at all, police hears the story of the hacker seriously.


I said that I submitted a PC, but police did not receive it.

I only talked this day.


However, the situation turns into nothing. Following me became more intense than before.

It may be natural.

This is because I have known the secret surveillance system.

I have said a stupid thing, I thought later.

 Police cannot stop the monitoring of the person who knew the secret. 


I thought whether there is the inquiry from the police afterward, but police hear nothing at all.

However, police does not stop following me.

Police cannot ask common people the system which does not exist.

It means that it is inconvenient truth.

Police continue stalking me with helicopters and police vehicles and Police put me mental illness.


I returned to Kyoto on April 4.

I called the law office of Kyoto and made a reservation at 9:30 on April 8. Ihung up the phonebecause he isanabsence. I hear a flying sound of the helicopter just after making a phone


At 10:30, I called again, but he is an absence. I hear a flying sound of the helicopter just after making a phone.

Lawyer called me about reservation to a cell-phone at 11:15.

I hear flying sound of the helicopter again right after I hung up.

I noticed that my telephone, both my house and cell-phone are tapped.


It means that the authorities were astonished in the content that I spoke April 2.

The person whom police put under some kind of suspicion came to the police and talked.

Police might think that I surrender.

However, the content that I spoke was about state secret.

Why does a commoner know the secret surveillance system?


Police must have been surprised.

I am haunted earnestly afterward and Police isolate me from all around and do not let me touch another person.


They continue taking a psychological threat to speak nothing.

I was scared. I knew the state secret, and what would happen to me.

I came back to the apartment of Tokyo in the afternoon on that day. This is because I made a reservation at a lawyer of Tokyo on 10th.


April 9 :I canceled the reservation of a lawyer of Kyoto at 9:00 on the morning.

This was because I was scared what happened the day before .

I wrote a document long time for an interview of the next day. Then flying sound of the helicopter continued above the apartment.


I stopped writing a document. Then I did not hear the sound of the helicopter.

So I conclude that the room of the apartment of Tokyo was pirated.


I gradually understood what happened around me.

Because I was pirated, a helicopter came over as soon as I appeared in the town.