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I am a targeted individual. 今年1月からヘリコプターに追われています。イギリス発の世界一周中です。

PC remote control affair and Gang stalking in Japan 2

All my actions were grasped by the authorities.

The hacker who got to know on the Internet would suggest to me that I was watched by the authorities.

If a room and a telephone listen in and are pirated, the email will be listened in on.


She knew all of me.

She knew where I go because she invade my PC.

However, she knew what I did in the hotel room where I stayed at random.

She knew that I quarrelled with another person in a train,

She knew what I ate at the restaurant.

She knew a car crossed in front of me at an intersection.

She knew that I watched the chest of the woman in the workplace.

She knew what happened to me in personal space


That means there are secret surveillance camera all over the town.

It means that the system which police can watch all for 24 hours exists.

The authorities can watch all through the surveillance camera in a station and the shopping mall in real time.

An intersection, the power poll has a secret surveillance camera

In addition, there are surveillance camera which the manager does not know in the personal place (room, restaurant, the general workplace of the general house, apartment hotel)

The authorities also can watch all through that secret camera in real time.

(only a few people, even the person of the authorities, know an absolutely confidential system  Therefore police continue giving me a psychological threat without arrest)


I moveed the whole country by work. She knew me everywhere.


That means there is not tailing for me.

That means there are already secret surveillance cameras everywhere of the whole country.

There is monitoring system for the person who became targeted for some reason exists.

(police can watch him 24 hours.)


Is there the phenomenon that this illegal survey system may exist?

You must be think of some case.

Quite unexpected case, why do police know this case or trial ?

Probably this secret monitoring system is used. It is N system for human being.

Both Katayama and I would be watched by this monitoring system.

I trusted the person who got to know on the Internet. I believed that she was not the person who did something like this without any reason.

Probably she lets the police arrest Katayama to show this secret monitoring system.

She lets police helicopters come before me

Probably I would be watched. However, I never notice.


Therefore she send the email that announced antisocial behavior to the authorities previously everywhere I go.

Crime is announced around a person who is doubtful, so I became more suspicious.

But there is no evidence. Police would threaten me by the helicopter of the police at last.


Eventually, though police had doubt to me, the police had any positive suspicion to me.

I do not notice that I am watched.

Therefore she lets police appear before me.

I already mentioned circumstance it above to talk to the police on April 2.


I had a talk with a lawyer of Tokyo on April 10.

Because the power of the state affected, I said that the problem was settled and left the office hurriedly.

I thought that I could not live in such a place anymore on April 11 and left the apartment of Tokyo.

I return to Kyoto, but the helicopter of the police, a jet come over above the home every day.

This is because police let me depress, and kill me socially.


I returned to Kyoto, and made a passport soon.

I cannot live in such a terrible country. There are many illegal surveillance camera which everybody does not know in regardless of public or private places.

I have known it.

The helicopter of the police flies every day above the home even after returning to Kyoto.

A helicopter flies above my head when I appear in the town. It is every time every day.

I bought a camera on April 16. This is because I intended to leave evidence. Since then I leave evidence when helicopter and police vehicle come.

Then because police prevent me from collecting evidence, they pretend accident,


I bought a new PC, I have begun to collect information about what happened around myself.

I knew that there was the person who received the harassment with the helicopter of the police for the first time when I searched it by "a helicopter, harassment".

This one receives the harassment with the helicopter of the police every day for 13 years.

I talked with a lawyer of this victim. A lawyer also confirms that the helicopter of the police comes over.

What on earth does this mean?

I don’t think that police merely suspected him and chased him.

Why will it be necessary to run after a citizen by the helicopter of the police for 13 years?

If there are some kind of suspicion, why do police investigate him? Why do police arrest him?

Police only chase him by a helicopter every day. Police do not stop even if he appeal to the court.

Court does not working.

Court is the yes-man of the police. Court do not hear a personal suit.

If I am not same situation, I will not have anything to do with him.

On the contrary, I think whether there is a chased reason for this person. I do not want to be concerned with him.

However, I and he have no reason why police chase me or him.

I am already arrested if there are some reason.


Police chase me obstinately. Police chase me with an airplane, the private guard, postal vehicle, police vehicle, a fire engine, an ambulance, the Self-Defense Forces for 24 hours.

I knew this was called gang stalking or organized stalking.

At last I understood what had happen to me. I have already become a target of the organized stalking for long time.

Therefore I think that a guard appeared everywhere.


Who can mobilize police vehicle, the staff on all these national scale?

Only Metropolitan Police Department public peace region is possible to direct the staff with a secret monitoring system.

The on-site police officer and guard will not know the actual situation. They will be made to locate around a target person as they receive instructions. On-site people will not have the consciousness of haunted.



Therefore the criminal act of these police is not found out.

A Metropolitan Police Department public peace department instructs a guard to come out in a station and a shopping mall.





Generally helicopters come over at the intersection with the signal. I think that power pole or signal of intersection have the surveillance camera which everybody does not know and watch the reaction of the target. I think that a helicopter comes because a surveillance camera is set. (in the home in the apartment)

 I think that the helicopter catches the instructions from Public Security Bureau watching a surveillance cameraand flies to many places.

I think Public Security Bureau confirm whether mental damage works. I got considerably mental damage before returning to Kyoto. I canceled all the work.

I think that Public Security Bureau confirmed it with the surveillance camera which set in the room of the apartment of Tokyo and the public camera in the town.

The aim is social erasure, suicide of a targeted person.

Public security bureau let me confess something through chasing me with helicopter, before return to Kyoto.

However the thing I said at the police station on April 2 is unexpected thing for public security bureau.

I have known the secret surveillance camera what is wrote above. The authorities must have been astonished.  I have known their secret investigation methods.

Therefore stalking of helicopter became more intense, and stalking of jet aircraft bigan after return to Kyoto.

They threaten me to social erasure or suicide.


You can’t imagine that there was a surveillance camera in the room of the hotel, but I was a severe monitoring person.

I do not know why it happened.

They must watch person for 24 hours if targeted is important person.

Therefore I think that there is a secret surveillance camera in the room of the hotel.


I think that my parents' house has the surveillance camera. I had a supplier check a 100,000 yen payment, but the surveillance camera does not exit.

I do not know why it is.

I do not know what kind of structure it is.

I’d like to write about Gang stalking from here, it is related to what I wrote above.

I checked a group stoker.

This person is a victim, (TI: shortened word for Targeted Individual), of the Gang stalking, too.

He seemed to be forced into the hospital by the mental hospital.

He file a suit by himself for the truth and fight. He is excellent.

I can hear that Yukiko Shimizu who died in this on April 20, 2009 appeals for the damage of the Gang stalking.

She talked about an unnatural phenomenon which happened around her.

She also stalked by helicopter and police vehicle, the postal vehicle.

Shimizu might watched by the secret monitoring system and she had been victim TI.

She becamedepressed andwas committed suicide.

She did not do any criminal act.


I do not know who becomes the victim (TI) of the Gang stalking.

It is not other people's affairs for everybody.

And this secret monitoring system is used by a Gang stalking

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau run after the movement of the targeted individual by a monitoring system and instruct helicopter and police vehicle, mail vehicle, private enterprise guard vehicle.

On-site people only move as they were merely ordered, and they do not think they are stalk someone. They only do his work faithfully.


Because I knew the Gang stalking recently, I cannot talk a lot.

Please search the word “Gang stalking” by yourself.

Please know the criminal act which Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau are doing.


Are there any stalking, when you go to the town?

Are there any trouble with the harassment of the neighbor?

Probably I think that there are many people who do not notice, even if they had been target individuals.

I did not know at all until January of this year either.

I have known the word “Gang stalking” just last month

Probably only I (and TI) know mechanism of Gang stalking.

Except hacker who knows the truth.

Gang stalking is instructions of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau.

If you are troubled with a stoker in the same way, please contact me. Let's fight together.

I think that a lawyer and the mass media move if we collect many voices.

Let's stop Gang stalking together.




A secret illegal monitoring system exists. It will be used for the absolutely confidential investigation, but arbitrary use is done because it receives nobody's check.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau uses it at choice.

Furthermore, it is used for the human rights violations of the citizens.

It is used for a social erasure act. It called Gang stalking.


Originally purpose of Gang stalking is defeating enemy of state without using the weapon,

but nowadays in Japan monitoring targets decrease.

So Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau pick up a person at choice and

build Gang stalking system.

To maintain their existence, to succeed high psychological erasure system, Public Security Bureau 

use secret illegal monitoring system

I can say the public works project of a kind of back.

They gather the staff from underground.

I think that a purpose of the hackers who got to know on the Internet is to accuse this secret illegal monitoring system.

To accuse criminal act of Gang stalking which Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau built up for their existence with this illegal monitoring system


Mr.Katayama and I was watched by this illegal monitoring system.

The hacker knew a person watched by this illegal monitoring system.

One was watched, and the other was a target individual of the Gang stalking.

Therefore she sent claim of responsibility and crime notice emails with things associated with Mr.Katayama or me on purpose.

This is not because she entrap Katayama and me, but because she want to reveal illegal monitoring system which everybody does not know.


The reason why she lets police arrest Katayama is that she clarifies a trick of the Public Security Bureau.  She clarifies that Public Security Bureau create false accusations in this way.

The reason why a helicopter came out before me is that she clarifies the actual situation of Gang stalking.

And a secret monitoring system is used for both.

She would want to inform it.


Both Katayama and I are in hard days,

I am asked, whether I live a life which is watched without knowing the truth or whether I fight by knowing truth.

The person concerned must appeal.


I knew the fact called Gang stalking, and I came to Tokyo once again.

To fights against Gang stalking.

Even if we are quiet, they do not stop it.

Then I will fight until they stop it.


This secret monitoring system is not at all other people's affairs.

Probably I think most people of left wing are watched with illegal monitoring system

Probably this system was used in a leafleteer arrest case in Japan.

Illegal search, arrest, human rights violations are carried out from now on when we do not  clarify it here.


I want a lawyer and judicial officers to know this fact by all means.

If you have acquaintance of judicial officer, please convey this fact.

This is not other people's affairs, judicial officer is the person concerned.

I want many people to know that exit of illegal monitoring system and this illegal monitoring system are used by Gang stalking.

One question comes out here.

She knows everything, and why does she announce it by herself?


Then let's ask you a question adversely.

She knows anything what Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau knows.

She knows secret surveillance cameras set in the personal place.

What will happen if she announce it?

It becomes the great panic among Japan.

The stock prices slump very much.

And it is asked whether this is really a problem only for Japan.

The United States, Europe, Russia, China

It becomes terrible situation. It is a catastrophe

She feels uneasy about it.


What does she want to do?

She want everybody to know that there is a secret surveillance camera.

She wants to stop the criminal act called Gang stalking that Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau do.

Probably she may think like this. Everybody knows it, and everybody should become serious.

You should not do an illegal act.

It is not necessary to be afraid of nothing even if there is a surveillance camera.


If you think that a certain bulletin board is only an absurd story, you are terrible misunderstanding.

To tell the truth, it becomes the panic.

Therefore somebody pretend an absurd talk.

An absurd story also has basis

There is a person who know truth.

Because it is four years ago that I got to know her, I think that she had prepared from previous.

She never leaves evidence.

It may not become sure whether she existed either.

She will be  legend.


It is the request towards Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau.

Please stop Gang stalking going in the whole country right now.

You take important work.

However, you do the thing except it.

You do the criminal act that you must not do for a citizen.

There is the person who committed suicide among them.

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